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South Jefferson Veterinary Hospital


Your One Stop Shop for Veterinary Care in Adams

Our talented veterinarians do it all. Through training and years of experience, our professional veterinary staff provide full-service care for your animal. We love animals of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Our Comprehensive Services

South Jefferson Veterinary Hospital provides full-service pet care, including:
- Vaccinations
- Wellness check-ups
- Routine visits
- Emergency services
- Dental services
- Elder care and consultations

Emergency Services

We know pets are unpredictable. Sometimes a well-trained dog won't even sit on command! For all of your pet emergencies, give us a call. Whether you need advice over the phone or need to rush your animal into the office for emergency care, our professional veterinary team is prepared to help you and your animal. We have the experience and supplies to ensure your pet receives prompt and effective care. 

Friendly Staff

We have the friendliest staff around. We are animal lovers, after all. We love caring for your furry friends. Animals love coming to visit us, and you will too. Our expert staff put you and your pet at ease during every appointment. Come and visit us and see for yourself.
Veterinary with dog in Adams
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